Coronavirus (Covid 19) Resources

These are some of the best overall resources that I’ve found on the current Covid 19 pandemic. These are meant to be general, not local, resources and information. For information specific to your area check with your local, state or provincial health department. Sadly, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Health and Human Services (HHS) have been too politicized by the current administration to be considered reliable.

Government of Canada [ ] – A portal from the Government of Canada to direct people to resources and information. Although this is meant for Canadians, it contains valuable information about the virus itself and medical information.

There is also this page from the Government of Canada with information on how to care for someone with Coronavirus

World Health Organization [] – A portal from the World Health Organization on the virus, efforts to fight it and its impact of the pandemic around the world.

John’s Hopkins University [] – An interactive map showing cases of Covid-19 globally. Also, while it’s easy to miss, there is a link to John’s Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and you can sign up for a newsletter that will provide you with a daily briefing on the pandemic.

Flatten the Curve [ ] – Information about the pandemic and what ordinary citizen can do to help slow the spread and keep your local health care system from being overloaded.

Twitter: I am also building a Twitter list for public health and medical information about COVID. You can subscribe to that list here.